2011, Edinburgh

January, 2011.
I visited United Kingdom – London and Edinburgh, and Ireland – Galway and Dublin.

Edinburgh is one of the most valuable cities, I’ve visited, in the aspect of history. And the sky is very blue as a symbol, the Scottish flag.
I, however, could not see any person who looks like happy in the city, although a lot of people who I met were so kind that I could get some plausible answers about my numerous questions.

Edinburgh is the first city I watched movie abroad. Its title is ‘Black Swan’. Despite my VIP seat, I couldn’t feel comfortable because of the narrative. When I came back to Korea, I watched the movie again, shocked its different story…….. In fact, it is the same movie except for Korean subtitle.

Edinburgh has a fantastic castle in the city. It can be comparable to one of Himeji, Japan.

Edinburgh is the most regretful city because I could have visited the Highland in Scotland if I have one or two more days.

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